Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Thoughts on getting a tattoo and my plans

Personally a tattoo is a huge decision in ones life. I decided, long ago, that I wanted to get a tattoo. My ideal design is in question however I know I want to get a full back tattoo with half sleeves (dreams of being yakuza). I've compiled a thought process that I will be working on to accomplish my ideal tattoo for what I can afford and for what will look ascetically pleasing. 

I want to get a tattoo that truly illustrates those who have had a major impact in my life and those who inspired me to be greater than I am. I also want to incorporate those who I consider to just make my life happier. Here are my current plans for carrying this out:
  1. compile a list of individuals
  2. decide what makes them qualified for the list
  3. plot out typeface
  4. decide on design
  5. find parlor and talk about pricing
  6. schedule tattoo times

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