Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mummy Dream

Last night I had a dream: The dream consisted of a woman who didn't want me and friends who wanted me to go and escape from the pain of being rejected. We went to this secluded bayou hotel/resort and each cabin was on a wooden plank dock of sorts surrounded by the swamp. Dividing two sides of the docks was a fast running river. My companions consisted of an old man, a young and quirky woman and a dead man who later mummifies and still wants to find his long lost love. Eventually I befriend a little girl and we all learn that the woman who rejected me is rooming across the river between our docks. I go to visit and she sees me. I act cool and talk to her etc etc. At this point I'm still want her to just be happy but we find out she's with a rich asshole and then we devise a plan to win her back. The first step is have the little girl run over and tell them that we are going to blow up the log couch outside of their cabin. We hear it and we all think the little girl is hilarious and awesome. then, I go to swim across the river but it's too fast and I struggle. I reach the other side and then I wake up.

I went back to sleep and had a dream that I was strumming my cello and the dead man was singing a song that was to the tune of Man on the run but it seemed more like his rendition. Right before I put the cello down he goes off in his mummy rags to find his love. The rich guy thinks the mummy is the guy trying to go after his girl and puts explosives into the mummy. Then he makes the mummy crash his car and the mummy is still alive, he exclaims "nothing can stop me!" and then the man detonates the explosives. The mummy gets up and he detonates even more. It was sad. Then I wake up.

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