Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Google Chrome Troubles (Mac)

Google Chrome version (type about:version into the address bar): Operating System:Error Message:Extensions installed:

Please describe your question/comment in detail (for example, steps to reproduce the problem):  
Mac OSX vers 10.6.8 Chromium 14.0.835.186 beta (how much longer will it be in beta?) extensions installed: at bottom of screen.  

  1. new tab>google search in address bar> infinite loop. If I search for something after opening a new tab it gets stuck in the counter clockwise rotation circle in the new tab and doesn't work until I select the address bar again and press enter. This is troublesome.
  2. Submissions to reddit work in firefox but are ignored if submitted through chromium. This one is baffling. I submit to reddit and it is "ghosted" meaning you can't see it in the new submissions, however if I submit through firefox it works. If I submit through chrome with no extensions it works 64% of the time. (believed to be an issue with reddit)
  3. pages say they are loading indefinitely however take up no bandwidth and do not allow other pages to load properly until the circle is done spinning.
  4. Auto login is never allowed if I quit the program. I have to re-sign in to every website if I cmd+q out of chromium. This is especially annoying.
  5. .Gif's on pages can crash the tab and any subsequent tabs open. The image will show "oops we lost the page" as if flash had crashed however on a page that has only an animated .gif I believe this is improbable. Also, any page can crash the tabs, even crashed it once. This happens with any multitude of open tabs however it's more likely with many open.   
  6. I know there is a reason for Chrome helpers in the activity window however does chrome flash/youtube helper have to take up 20% of my cpu all the time even if the page hasn't loaded correctly? Sometimes it's taking up 15% without any tabs open.   

That's all I can remember for now however this happens with extensions disabled or enabled.  

All extensions:   
adblock plus for google chrome beta vers 1.1.4
android market link converter vers 0.2
appjump app launcher and organizer vers 0.9.1
auto complete = on vers 1.0
chrome toolbox (by google) vers 1.0.28
codesite enhancements for chrome vers 1.1
docs pdf/powerpoint viewer (by google) vers 3.5
firebug lite for google chrome version
flashblock vers 0.9.31
google chrome to phone extension vers 2.3.1
google dictionary version 3.0.6
google quick scroll vers 1.8
google reader notifier (by google) vers 1.3.1
imgur the world vers 2.0
invisible hand version 3.3.8
mail checker plus for google mail vers
move reddit buttons vers 1.0
news reader (by google) vers 2.1.2 vers 2.1
python shell version 1.2.8
python shell vers 1.0.1
readable hackernews vers 2.3.4
reddit companion vers 1.1.1
reddit enhancement suite  vers 3.4 (favorite)
rss subscription extension (by google) vers 2.1.3
seo doctor vers 2.0
seo for chrome vers 0.9.3
seo serp workbench vers 0.9.5
seo site tools vers 2.89
session manager vers 0.4
translation bar vers 1.11
verticaltabs vers 2.0.1
wikipedia companion - mini wiki browser vers 1.7.0

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